Dinner with Professor Christopher Gade

Hello, everyone! We’re excited to announce one of the highlights of the APU experience- Professor Dinner!

Based on popular request, we have asked Professor Christopher Gade to join us for this upcoming event, which will take place on Thursday, October 22, from 6:30-9:00PM in 2301 Tolman Hall. Many of you may be familiar with Professor Gade, who often instructs the General Psychology class at Cal!

Professor Gade has studied the cognitive costs of cellular phones on driving, personality and cognitions within politics and religion, and internet research ethics, among many others.

Because this is one of our most popular events, we will be capping the attendance size to keep the conversation meaningful. Please RSVP as soon as possible via the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/yfnmBO02a9.

The cost of the dinner is $7 for members and $10 for non-members. The meal will most likely consist of vegetarian dish to accommodate our guest. Attendance will be based on first-come, first-serve basis; if you have been added to the guest list, we will send you a confirmatory e-mail!

We look forward to seeing you!


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